Narla and Me


To whom it may concern…

In 6 weeks I will be the owner of an extremely adorable Cavapoochon puppy! At just 8 amazing weeks old she will enter my life and the journey of Narla (potential name?!) and me will begin.

I hope this space will be one of comedy (at my expense), doggy cuteness, info and insight into London life with a pup.

About Narla:

Current age – 2 Weeks

Breed – Cavapoochon (Cavachon Mum; Toy Poodle Dad)

Likes and Interests: Sleeping, Mamma’s Milk, Cuddles with siblings. 

About Me:

Current age – 23 years

Breed – Human (Human mum; Human Dad)

Like and Interests: Animals, travelling, skiing, sailing, outdoor adventures, food and drink! Disney, unicorns, dolphins, Human Rights advocacy, Mental Health awareness and self care.


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